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Tones and semitones (whole steps and half steps) and enharmonics are some of the most confusing concepts early intermediate students need to conquer. This game works on identification on the staff so that students can get really comfortable with them.


Swip, swap and swirl your way to whole step, half step and enharmonic mastery! In Swiswap!, students work on identifying these intervals on the staff and matching them acurately to get rid of their cards. Plus the special face cards keep the game interesting with an element of chance.

Note: Since the words are not used within the actual game, this game does not require a separate US and UK version – it’s universal. The US terms are used on the instruction card, but only the teacher needs to understand them.

The written instructions are included on one of the game cards and there is a video on how to play below.

  • Theory concepts: Whole/half steps & enharmonics
  • Student level: Early intermediate
  • Number of players: 2–6 players

How to Play

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