The Most Fun Piano Lessons in South Dublin

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We focus on maximising the fun factor from the very start, getting kids creating music from the word go! We teach piano off the page as much as possible by playing super fun games, incorporating technology, doing improvisation with children and getting students to compose their own music.

Every year, we put together a collection of student compositions. Here are some of our previous books. Students love seeing their name in the composer spot and their piece printed professionally.

We have such a good time together that your child won’t feel like piano is “more school”. They come to lessons because they love it.

It’s this environment which I believe can instill a lifelong love for music and all the benefits that come along with it.

Summer Concert 2016

Piano Lesson Options

Buddy Piano Lessons

Students at the Colourful Keys Piano Studio get the benefit of private and group lessons as there is a 30 minute overlapping or “buddy” time with the next student. During this time we work on duets, theory games, and ensemble improvisation.

Major puzzle piano game

Students under 6 years old will start with 60-minute buddy lessons or Mini Musicians group lessons. Students age 7 and over will start with 60-minute buddy lessons or Piano Launchpad group lessons. Don’t worry if your child seems to have a short attention span – children are able to stay focused for the full time with a variety of activities and gamified learning strategies.

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Three students from Colourful Keys Piano Studio performing in a concert

Adult Piano Lessons

Adult students generally prefer to take 45-minute solo lessons, although if you have a friend that would like to learn too you’re more than welcome to come for partner lessons. Read more about my approach to teaching adult piano students here.

Our Teaching Approach

Well-rounded Lessons

Learning to play the piano should be an exploration of all music. Lessons at Colourful Keys are not just about classical music. I include some less commonly taught aspects of the piano in my lessons such as:

  • Improvisation
  • Composition
  • Pop style chord progressions
  • Simple jazz & blues

We also learn new concepts & skills in many different ways:

  • Rhythm through movement
  • Board & card games
  • Large scale manipulatives
  • Percussion instruments
  • Flipped learning

I keep my piano lessons fresh, exciting and interesting, because after all when we’re having fun we learn faster no matter what age we are!

Rhythm in preschool piano lessons

Gamified and Creativised Learning

As well as the Colourful Keys Piano Studio, I also run a membership site for other piano teachers where I provide games and other creative teaching resources. The students at Colourful Keys get the benefit of our full library of games and creative tools as well as being the first to test out new fun ideas that will eventually make it to studios all over the world!

If you are curious about my site for teachers, you can find it at vibrantmusicteaching.com.

Performance Opportunities

I hold two concerts every year which all students are invited to perform in. The concerts are relaxed and nurturing environments where students can build their performance skills and their confidence.

Here’s one of our student’s performances from our 2022 concert.

Group Workshops for Ages 5 – 11

Children at the Colourful Keys Piano Studio also get to attend up to 12 group workshops every year.

At the group workshops, we play theory games, improvise together and learn to perform in front of others in a low-pressure environment. You can find out more about the value of these workshops here.

Jam Band for Teens

Students in 6th class or higher can attend our weekly jamming session. This is a meetup where we play along with pop songs (based on students’ requests) using chords. It’s a relaxed environment where there are no right and wrong answers, we just enjoying making music together.

Piano Exams

All students at Colourful Keys are welcome to sit piano exams with the Royal Irish Academy of Music. Exams can be a great motivator for some, but they’re not for everyone.

I never push a student to do an exam if it’s not something they are interested in. Exams should always be a positive and rewarding experience, not something to be anxious about.

Piano Practice

Part of learning to play the piano is daily (or nearly daily) practice. The parents role in this is crucial to their child’s success. You will need to be ready to help with keeping the routine of practice and structuring practice-time by helping your child follow the teacher’s notes.

It doesn’t matter if you can read music or not, all parents can help out at home. For more information on how to help your child practice check out the Parent’s Guide to Piano Practice.

Beat the Dealer

The better quality your child’s practice instrument is, the better quality their practice will be. Piano students need at least a weighted keyboard to practice on. Find out about more about choosing a good quality instrument in this guide.


Lessons are held at my home studio in Kimmage, Dublin 12, South Dublin or at your house if you opt for at-home lessons. Please note that we can only offer at-home lessons within a 5k radius of the studio.


We have been doing online lessons since long before any of us had ever heard of a “coronavirus”, using them as a way to help students attend lessons when they couldn’t get to our studio.

Because of this, we already had the basics of the technology down and have since upgraded our online lesson experience further. All of us have ways to show overhead views of the keyboard when needed so that students can easily follow our directions. We also use online games and interactive elements in our lessons so that even our preschoolers stay engaged and have fun learning online.

Online Lesson Games

As well as the Colourful Keys Piano Studio, I also run a membership, Vibrant Music Teaching, which provides creative and fun resources for teachers around the world. Games are a big part of what we do there so when teachers first started to shift towards teaching online, we immediately started converting our games for the new format. Students at Colourful Keys get the benefit of being the first to try out the latest games and innovations.

We have a huge library of games to draw from now so that whenever a student needs to take an online lesson, we can make it super fun and interractive.

Online Practice Sessions

We also have a weekly meet up online called Practice with Pals. All students are welcome to drop into these sessions whenever they want to learn new practice techniques and meet some other students. It’s a great way to stay motivated to do regular practice at home.

Find Out More

If there’s anything I haven’t answered here check out the Lesson FAQ or email me and I’ll get back to you asap.

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