Group Workshops at Colourful Keys Piano Studio in Dublin

Group lessons are a fantastic way for students to reinforce concepts in a new way, make friends with other piano students, practice performing in a friendly setting and have fun making music together!

Group music lesson at Colourful Keys

Students at Colourful Keys have the option to attend 12 group workshops each year. These alternate between different days to give maximise the chances of them working with your schedule.

These workshops are a great opportunity for students to get together, make piano friends, and learn skills in a different way to their private lessons.

There is a new theme for each workshop, however, theory concepts and rhythmic skills are always included alongside themed content. Some of the things you can expect from every Piano Party are:

  • Fun music theory games
  • Informal performance opportunities
  • Aural skill development
  • Collaborative rhythm activities

These workshops are completely free of charge to all students at the Colourful Keys Piano Studio and are one of the many things that make lessons here so special.

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