Recommended Resources for Piano Teachers

If you’re looking for piano teaching resources that you’ll actually use, this is it. This list is by no means exhaustive but these are my absolute favourite tools and resources that have stood the test of time in my studio. These are the resources for piano teachers that I come back to again and again. And again.

Favourite piano teacher books, tools and sites
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Music Teaching Books

The Savvy Music Teacher – David Cutler’s book on how to be more fulfilled and more profitable as a music teacher is practical, accessible and extremely readable. This isn’t some dry business book – it’s a fun and informative read.

The Dynamic Studio – I really like the perspective Phillip Johnston takes in this book, advocating constant evolution of the music studio to stay current and relevant. If we want music education to be a part of kids’ lives we can’t stay stuck in the past. And this book is a great way to start moving forward.

Pianist’s Guide to Standard Teaching & Performance Literature – I doubt this will be new to you, but if it is, you should definitely pick it up. I have the kindle version and it’s the perfect reference to have accessible on all my devices. Jane Magrath’s notes are succinct and insightful, highly recommend this to help you navigate the standard repertoire.

Repertoire & Method Books

Piano Pronto – A good method, particularly for older students and Roadtrip! is good fun for preschoolers. The best part of Piano Pronto for me though is the four Spotlight Solos books, these pieces are in a pop style and really motivating for preteens and teens.

Piano Safari – This method is my current favourite overall. I’m not a teacher that completely buys into one method series for all my students, if I was to pick just one though, it would be Piano Safari.

Masterwork Classics – This is my favourite graded collection of classics. I love that it goes all the way up to level 10, equivalent to about grade 7/8 ABRSM. Plus the included CD means it’s super easy to give listening assignments and students are inspired by the professional recordings.

Pattern Play – These books are a wonderful way to get students improvising. It doesn’t take a ton of time and it’s so accessible using the duet parts. I also love using these in group lessons with multiple students taking different parts of the trio version.

If you’re looking for music history books for kids, check out this list here with my favourites.


Logitech C920 Webcam – A great webcam choice for Skype, Facetime and video lessons. I mount mine above my piano to give a view from above.

K&M iPad stand – I use this to record videos on my iPad all the time, the iPad simply clicks into place which is perfect for a quick recording during a lesson. Make sure this is the right model for you, this one is for an iPad Air but you can get similar ones for any model.

Sony Bluetooth Speaker – There are definitely more powerful models if you want to go for something bigger but this compact little guy still packs a pretty big punch. I love how portable and simple this is to set up, it’s about the size of a pencil case so it fits easily in a teaching bag.

Stationery & Tools

Puzzle Erasers – These little dudes are great fun for testing key names and using as game counters. Kids just love them!

Postit Tabs – I use these to mark sections, which pieces to work on, favourite pieces and anything else that needs doing!

Dice – Used in my practice kits. Find out what they’ve got to do with piano practice here.

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