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The Piano Practice Physician’s Handbook


The Piano Practice Physician’s Handbook takes a fresh look at how piano teachers teach practice skills. These 32 piano student ailments and their cures open up new ways of thinking about piano practice problems.

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Right now, all over the world, piano students are wasting precious practice time. And piano teachers are straining valuable vocal chords telling them to practice more. It’s time to reexamine this setup, and cure the underlying piano practice ailments.

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What Piano Teachers Are Saying

“The Piano Practice Physician’s handbook is the book that I would have written about practice had I ever got around to putting all my ideas into one place! Nicola has created a resource that uses a clever analogy between medicine and music so your studio is the “practice clinic” and practice problems include those that are “chronic” right through to “vision impairment” and even “ear infections”! The links are both creative and instructive and will give teachers everywhere a new way to diagnose and ‘treat’ practice issues in their students.

So many times as teachers, we share the same tips with different students and I’ve often thought how great it would be if there was a reference of all the “ailments” that students present with and a recommended list of “treatments”. Given how little time we actually get to spend with our students each week, it’s vital that we teach them to practice correctly. This book will be of great value to both new and experienced teachers and even adult students in making sure they stay on top of their practice, get the most out of every minute at the keyboard and ensure that problems hopefully don’t become chronic.

I recommend this resource to piano teachers and students everywhere.”

Tim Topham, Piano teacher & blogger at timtopham.com

“A must-read for every piano teacher, The Piano Practice Physician’s Handbook is full of practical advice you can start using with your students today! Follow the prescriptions and your studio will be full of musicians with healthy practice habits.”

Bridey Gibson, Piano teacher & blogger at pianosaurusrex.nz


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The Piano Practice Physician’s Handbook