• Thinking Theory Prep Book
  • Thinking Theory Prep Book
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  • Thinking Theory Prep Book Hardcopy

Thinking Theory
Prep Book

 9.95 93.95

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Set your beginning piano students up for speedy success with the Thinking Theory Prep Book! The Prep Book covers beginning concepts such as piano key names, steps and skips, landmark notes, and other essentials to get started at the piano.

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Set your beginning piano students up for speedy success with the Thinking Theory Prep Book! The Prep Book covers beginning concepts such as piano key names, steps and skips, landmark notes, and other essentials to get started at the piano.

This book is designed with the student in mind. All concepts are revisited in different ways throughout the book, and the flashcard games provide a fun way to reinforce learning.

Thinking Theory avoids giving students “busywork”  and keeps layouts clean. If a student does need extra review they can move to Prep Book Plus for lateral work to really cement the concepts.

Our international edition books (which ship from Ireland) are printed on a beautifully smooth recycled paper. This might make them not the cheapest around, but we think that’s worth it.

If you want hardcopies in the US or Canada I recommend ordering from Amazon. That way your copy will ship from our distribution centre there.

Concepts Covered

  • Note Values: Quaver, Dotted Crotchet, Crotchet, Minim, Dotted Minim & Semibreve (USA terms are used in the USA version)
  • Rest Values: Crotchet, Minim & Semibreve (USA terms are used in the USA version)
  • Time Signatures: 2:4, 3:4 & 4:4
  • Landmark notes: Bass C, Bass F, Middle C, Treble G & Treble C
  • Dynamics: Pianissimo, Piano, Mezzo Piano, Mezzo Forte, Forte, Fortissimo, Crescendo & Diminuendo
  • Tempo Marks: Ritenuto, Ritardando, Rallentando, Allegro, Allegretto, Moderato, Andante
  • Markings/Symbols: Staccato, Slurs & Repeat Marks
  • Solfa: Do, Re, Mi & So
  • Scales: C Major & G Major
  • Accidentals
  • Tones, Semitones & Enharmonics (USA terms are used in the USA version)

What is Thinking Theory?

  • Thinking Theory is a series of music theory workbooks, designed to accelerate learning while providing plenty of reinforcement of each concept.
  • All concepts are presented in a clear and concise way and page layouts are clean and consistent.
  • No topic is introduced without being revisited several times later in the book.
  • Thinking Theory is designed so you can start anywhere in the series. Concepts are not left out of later books, just covered more quickly.
  • The flashcard games provide a unique way to learn away from the page, and make learning and teaching more secure and more fun.
  • The “Level Up!” tests at the end of each chapter and book allow you to evaluate student learning and plan their next step. 
  • The Thinking Theory Plus books provide a lateral move for students who had finished one book but are not quite ready for the next.
  • Singing with solfa (moveable do) is integrated into the theory books. Solfa helps students with ear training, transposing, sight reading and composition.

Where does the Prep Book fit in?

  • The Prep Book is perfect for younger students or those who need to move more slowly than Book One.
  • The Prep Book is recommended for most beginner under 10 years old.

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Prep Book”

Thinking Theory Prep Book
Thinking Theory
Prep Book
 9.95 93.95