Interval Wizard Sightreading Cards


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Interval Wizard cards are designed to get beginning piano students off to a flying start, by encouraging them to sightread using intervals. Taking away the grand staff and the clefs, students can see more clearly how the staff works and how they can read any note if they know the first note.

These cards are a fantastic aid for any beginner at the piano, students with special needs, and struggling readers. Sightreading away from the repertoire  and method books removes the pressure of getting the song “right” and allows piano students to see the notation with more clarity.

The file includes eight levels of increasing difficulty, with 32 cards in each level.

  • Level 1: Intervals of a 2nd only (with keyboard maps)
  • Level 2: Intervals of a 2nd and repeated notes
  • Level 3: Intervals of up to a 3rd
  • Level 4: Intervals of up to a 4th
  • Level 5: Intervals of up to a 5th
  • Level 6: Intervals of up to a 6th
  • Level 7: Intervals of up to a 7th
  • Level 8: Intervals of up to a 8ve

How to Use the Interval Wizard cards

Interval Wizard cards are designed as a reading aid and are especially useful for beginning students, and students struggling with reading. Use Interval Wizard cards for a 2-3 minutes during lesson time, and practice time. The more often a student tries to sight read, the faster they progress. You can also make a game out of the cards by timing students to see how many cards they can read successfully in 2 minutes.


Fingering is left off of the Interval Wizard cards to keep them adaptable to each student. Students can either play using one finger and hopping from key to key (very valuable in the beginning stages of reading), or the teacher can give them a finger number to use, or they can use this opportunity to practice planning their own fingering.


The studio license allows you to print as many copies as you like, as long as it is for use only with your own students.

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Interval Wizard Sightreading Cards