My Piano Studio Decor

 piano studio decor

OK, by “studio” I mean the corner of my living room of course, but I have tried to make it a separate defined space. My piano corner needed to do a few things:

  • Be fun and kid friendly, but not turn off my adult students (a tricky balancing act!)
  • Have everything I need during my lessons, I don’t want to be running around looking for a pen or a post-it as this is a complete waste of my time, and my student’s time.
  • Have a few key reference points that I can use during my lessons without needing to pull out a book or a photocopy.

Piano studio

So this is what I ended up with! I have boxes to hold all my regularly used books, small boxes for flashcards and games and a pen cup (which is actually a coffee can covered with my studio logo printed on contact paper, score one for upcycling!).

I also added a simple vase of fabric flowers and some black and white photos. I didn’t want it to look like a pre-school classroom for my adult students.

I have chosen the couple of graphics I display carefully, they need to be functional in most lessons in order to gain a place on my wall.Note name mnemonics

My note reading mnemonics met this brief, they’re an oldie but a goodie. Not every student suits this style of note reading but for those that it does suit it’s great to be able to point up at the wall if they need a little reminder.

But my favourite part has to be my circle of fifths clock.

Circle of fifths clock

I love this for illustrating the keys. I use it with my adult students to move through scales, we do one per week, starting at C and moving clockwise through all the keys. I think it makes it clearer why we’re doing a certain scale next and cements the theory behind it in a memorable way.

Plus it’s a fun colourful addition to my piano corner!

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    • I don’t actually use those anymore as I don’t use mnemonics with my students these days. However, if you’re interested you can find them on my Teachers Pay Teachers. Just search for Colourful Keys.


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