Your Music Teacher Vision Statement

150 characters. That’s all I’m allowing you for your music teacher vision statement. If you had to whittle it all down, what would you say? Why are you doing this?

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To celebrate episode 150 of the Vibrant Music Teaching Podcast I have a challenge for you:

Your assignment is to craft a vision statement for your music studio. But it has to be 150 characters. 

Are you up to the challenge?

Sidenote: How did we get to 150?! She still feels like a little fledgling to me. 🐦

Why You Need a Vision Statement

A vision statement might sound like corporate nonsense to you, but it can be useful for us, as music teachers – if we do it right.

If the term “vision statement” doesn’t resonate with you, feel free to call it something else. It could be a one-liner, statement of purpose, mission or overarching goal.

mission vision values

Even if you’re still on the fence, have some faith and keep reading. I promise you’ll get out what you put into this vision statement exercise.

How to Craft Your Music Teacher Vision Statement

You’re going to need to be focussed, succinct and specific to make this work. Here are some goals you should have for your music teacher vision statement:

  1. Clear and simple language.
  2. Specific and memorable.
  3. Unique to you.

Your vision statement is like your guiding star. It doesn’t need to say everything about your studio, just the most important thing which makes you special. 

If you do this right, your statement should not work for another studio. If you think every music teacher would be happy to hang your vision statement on their wall, go back to the drawing board and get more specific.

Vision Statement Examples

I wrote these examples for fictional studios to give you some idea of what a vision statement could look like. 

core values

Yours does not have to follow any of these sentence structures. But it should focus on just one core value of your studio.


At Studio A, we inspire lifelong musicianship in all of our students through our creative approach to teaching and playing piano.


At Studio B, we make music accessible to everyone using the latest technology, resources and teaching methods.

Community Impact

Our vision at Studio C is to bring communities together through music with local events and group projects which reach beyond the walls of our school.


The students of Studio D receive a holistic music education that can take them to the highest levels of music achievement.


At Studio E, we develop adaptive collaborative musicians who can jump into any musical opportunity when it comes up in their life.


Most parents struggle to get their kids to practice piano. At studio F, we give you the tools you need to make the practice routine feel easy.


Many adults look back on their music lessons with anxiety and regret. Studio G’s lessons are so much fun that we can guarantee your child won’t.

Your vision statement is like your guiding star. It doesn’t need to say everything about your studio, just the most important thing which makes you special.

– Nicola Cantan

What’s your vision statement?

I’d love to hear how you handle this in the comments below. Then, head over to my Studio Business page for more tips and tricks!

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  1. Young or old, the musician you hope is inside you, is there. I love helping students explore the exciting paths to our unique musical selves.


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