Piano Key Name Worksheets for Piano Students

It’s very important to me to make key names completely secure in the piano student’s mind from the get go. The first activity we normally do in the piano lesson is to start and the very bottom of the piano naming the key names as we go.

Piano key worksheets

Piano key worksheets

I normally begin this process, and ask the student to continue all the way up the piano, with a little pause after the ‘g’ so we can remember to start again at ‘a’. Then we might play a game within the piano lesson such as musical alphabet memory, and send them home with some worksheets.

The first three worksheets here concentrate on C,D,E and the last three include F,G,A,B also. Grouping the names into the groups of two and three black keys is the easiest way for children to navigate the piano. After assigning the C,D,E worksheets the first week we review these keys in the lesson, and if they seem comfortable with these, the next three worksheets will be assigned.

key-name-worksheet-2key-name-worksheet-6 key-name-worksheet-5 key-name-worksheet-4


Head over to the music theory catalogue and you’re sure to find the perfect sheet. The links are organised by concept so you can find the perfect music theory worksheet for your student.

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  1. When I click on the first worksheet, with the cow, dog, and elephant on the top, it links me to the second worksheet instead to print/download the pdf. Do you have the correct link for the pdf? These look awesome thanks! Can’t wait to use them on my piano students!


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