Fishy Steps on the Staff – Step and Skip Worksheet

Intervalic reading in the piano lesson is very important. Of course we spend time on note names too, but when a pianist is reading music, they are not thinking “Ok the next note is ‘e’, then ‘c’, then ‘a’….” that would be far too slow!

Fishy steps on the staff

Fishy steps on the staff worksheet for music students

I introduce steps almost immediately after a student’s first introduction to the grand staff, sometimes even alongside pre-reading pieces in a method book, so that they’re prepared for the grand staff when it appears.

For some steps are apparent straight away, but others do need some help seeing them, and it can become a problem later on. This worksheet focuses on up vs. down, but it also starts us talking about steps, and paves the way for skips later on.

fish-steps(Click the image to download pdf)


Head over to the music theory catalogue and you’re sure to find the perfect sheet. The links are organised by concept so you can find the perfect music theory worksheet for your student.

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