CKQC028: Beginner note value work with ‘Star Seekers’

As you may already know, I love teaching piano through games. I believe when students are having fun, they’re more engaged. And when they’re more engaged, they’re learning more thoroughly.

The game in this quick clip is called Star Seekers. This is one of my many games for note value work with beginners.

In Star Seekers (originally shared here) players practice naming and explaining simple note values. I created this game to connect the concepts of number of beats, and labels we give to note values.

As you’ll see, we use the die as a placeholder as we move around the board. They can only move forward if they name or explain the note value correctly.

I’m asking for “fancy names” on this round. Sometimes we play this with Kodály names (ta, titi) and sometimes with the UK terms (crotchet, minim). I didn’t specify this in the game itself, so it’s adaptable to whatever system the teacher wants to use.

Download the Game

Beginner music theory game

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CKQC028_ Beginner note value work with ‘Star Seekers’ Blog Post Image Template Pinterest 2CKQC028_ Beginner note value work with ‘Star Seekers’ Blog Post Image Template Pinterest

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