Superb Beginner Note Values Teaching with Star Seekers

If you haven’t noticed already, I like to use A LOT of games in my piano lessons. Especially when it comes to teaching young beginners.

Superb Beginner Note Value Teaching with Star Seekers

Note value game for teaching music theory

I have one game for beginner note values that I really love: Musical Meander. But I thought it was time to add another. After all, variety is the spice.

(Don’t tell Musical Meander but I think I like Star Seekers even more. Shh!)

Beginner music theory game

How to Play Star Seekers

  • Each player places a counter on the red start star.
  • Players take turns to roll the dice, move forward and then draw a note value card.
  • If a player lands on a name star she must give the note value name. If she lands on a beat star she must say the number of beats.
  • If she answers correctly, she can stay on this star. If she is incorrect she must move back three spaces.
  • If the player lands on a green bonus star she gets an extra turn (rolling the dice and choosing a card).
  • The winner is the first to reach the blue finish star.

Beginner Note Value Game: Star Seekers

Game Assembly

To assemble this game:

  • Print out the game board (page 3).
  • Print out two copies of the note value cards (page 4) OR pick out some flashcards to use.
  • Print the optioanl decorative backing for the cards on the backs (page 5) if desired.
  • Cut the cards along the lines and laminate if desired.
  • Find game counters such as erasers, paperclips, buttons or small toys. You need one counter per player.
  • Laminate the game board and cards if desired.

Download the Star Seekers Game

Get this fun game to help you teach beginner note values and bring some giggles into your studio ūüėÄ

Beginner music theory game

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Beginner Note Values Flipped Learning Video

In these videos, I teach students about rest grouping, using examples in simple time signatures. Feel free to send these videos to parents for their kids to watch, use it in group lessons or as part of lab time.

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International Version

These videos are¬†designed to be clear and concise so that students can watch them¬†‚Äď and then get on with some writing work for reinforcement. Saving you time to¬†do fun activities during the lesson time.

These videos correlate directly to Thinking Theory Prep Book page 15. View the full Thinking Theory series here and see what makes these workbooks so special.

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What’s your top review game for beginner note values?

Do you have one you love to use with beginner students? Share your thoughts in the Vibrant Music Studio Teachers community on Facebook or in the comments below.

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