Calm, Confidence Building Piano Recitals & Concerts

It’s “recital season”! Have you had your’s yet? We just had our concert yesterday and we had so much fun!

Calm & confident piano recital

piano recital ideas

This concert was in a new venue, so of course I was a bit nervous how it would turn out, but I was really happy with it in the end. The piano is a little clunky, but it is kept in tune and the school staff are lovely to deal with.

Plus, it’s big enough that if our recital keeps expanding there’s always more space!

Recital hall

Recital hall

Sometimes with all the ideas going around the web, it can get overwhelming, and teachers end up not implementing any of them. It’s important to always just do one thing.

If you focus on adding one thing at a time, it all seems much more manageable. With that in mind, here’s the two ideas I found online and decided to try out for this semester’s concert.

Compliment Cards

If you’re in any of the Facebook piano teaching groups, or follow other blogs, I’m sure you’ve seen the idea of “compliment cards” around. I first saw it on Facebook, then on Wendy Steven’s blog, then on Facebook some more…so I’m not sure where the credit is due! It’s an awesome idea though!

I’ve seen this done a few different ways. I chose to give my guests pages with all the performers on them, rather than give them the option of giving only a few compliment cards of their choice.

I would have been concerned that some kids would get no cards back doing it the other way. It’s a lot easier to write about more advanced pieces than ‘Hot Cross Buns’, and every kid deserves some encouragement.

Here’s what they looked like after the concert. I really enjoyed reading them back yesterday evening.

compliment cards full

So many beautiful, positive words from parents and fellow students!

I then cut all of the cards apart, punched holes in the ends, and tied them together with some decorative ribbon.

Compliment cards

I can’t wait to read through these with the kids in lessons this week. It’s such a fabulous way to relive the pride of performing all over again.

Compliment cards

Welcome Playlist

I saw this first on Sara Campbell’s blog, who in turn heard it on the Full Voice Podcast. It’s such a simple little touch, but it really sets the tone right from the start that this is your student’s event. That’s exactly what I want for my recitals, and my studio in general.

With a playlist of happy, kid appropriate pop songs playing when they come in, you’re saying right from the beginning that this isn’t some stuffy event for grown-ups. This is a celebration of their hard work, it should be their day.

If you’re looking for a way to make your next recital more exciting, you should try having students compose their own music. Fishy Fables is the perfect way for kids to get started with composing, with stories about sea creatures that make it even more fun!

What are some new things you tried this year?

Did you have a different style of recital? Add something to your lessons that you heard about online?

I’d love to hear which ideas you’ve gleaned from the internet and brought into your studio.

For even more ideas on creating great piano recitals – especially for teens – read this post on How to Hose a Teen Friendly Piano Recital.

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  1. I did the ‘compliment other students’ at my spring recital. It was wonderful how the students really searched for ways that they could make their compliments different from a previous one. It engaged all the students to really LISTEN to each other, too. I then went over these compliments with each student at their lessons the following week. The smiles they had were priceless!


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