Blank Scale Keyboards Worksheet

The more ways we experience a new concept, the more likely we are to remember it. In my piano lessons when we are learning a new scale (or perhaps reviewing old ones that have been completely forgotten!) we generally learn them first by rote, where the student and I play together, the student copying my playing.

Blank scale keyboard worksheets

Blank scale keyboard worksheets

Then we might use piano maestro which is an amazing app that has some scales included, and then I give them one of these worksheets to take home and fill in with the scales we are working on this week.

At their next piano lesson, I ask them to “map” out the scale on the piano by placing a bead, pencil or other small object on each of the keys used (instead of using the actual piano, try making Color in my Piano’s DIY Silent Keyboards, great for group lessons!).

This give a clear mental picture before they start playing, so that they are more likely to play through correctly first time, rather than guessing their way through and correcting as they go.



Click on the image to download the pdf, and enjoy. Let me know if you have any questions or comments below.


Head over to the music theory catalogue and you’re sure to find the perfect sheet. The links are organised by concept so you can find the perfect music theory worksheet for your student.

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