5 Self-Care New Year’s Resolutions for Music Teachers

Last year I gave you 31 Achievable New Year’s Resolutions for Piano Teachers. I had a great response to that post and it’s just as relevant this year so check it out if you need some inspiration.

5 Self-Care New Year's Resolutions for Music Teachers – look after yourself so you can be the best piano teacher for your students!

Today though, I want to pull out just 5 New Year’s resolutions that will make the biggest difference. Because they’re about YOU.

You need to look after yourself in order to be a great piano teacher. I hope you’ll consider that if you’re making New Year’s resolutions this year, and that perhaps these suggestions will inspire you.

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1. Better Time

Have you ever done a time-analysis on yourself?

This might sound a bit crazy but it can be a very useful exercise to do as a self-employed person or small business owner.

I’ve always had a pretty good handle on how I spend my time but when I was reading Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz I was inspired to give it a try. It was a very useful tool for thinking about the tasks I could trim, automate or hire someone else to do.

If you find time running away from you, I’d highly recommend some kind of time-tracking exercise like this as a starting point. You might be surprised and enlightened by the results!

2. Better Boundaries

Having good boundaries between your work and downtime can be hard when you’re working from home.

Perhaps, you need to institute a no make-up lessons policy this year to get back control of your schedule.

Or, maybe, you need to set up a simple waiting area with music colouring sheets and kids music books. This can help when parents bring students early or collect them late so that you don’t end up teaching longer lessons.

Wherever you’re finding the lines getting fuzzy, think of a way to make the distinction clearer this year.

3. Better Snacks

Ever end up grabbing an energy drink or a chocolate bar between lessons to keep you going? Having the right snacks can make all the difference in a long day of teaching.

Start with these 5 snack recipes for piano teachers if this is something you want to improve this year.

4. Better Learning

Better learning could mean more learning…but it not necessarily. In our online, connected world, you might be doing too much surface level learning and not taking enough action.

Scrolling through ideas is not going to improve anything. All it’s going to do is overwhelm you.

That’s why in Vibrant Music Teaching I focus on actionable learning.

  • Games that are directly relevant to your students
  • Lesson plans that walk you through every step
  • Live Q&A calls so you can get the confidence to move forward

If this sounds like the type of professional development you’re after for 2019, join the VMT community today.

5. Better Energy

Do you know those days when you’ve had enough sleep, but you’re nevertheless dragging yourself along?

We all have them. And, if you get in the habit of it, it’s easy for that to feel “normal”.

But now think about the days when you feel energised. What was different?

A resolution that gives you better energy throughout the day could mean many different things to different people. Think about what gives you energy, and if you’re stuck, try one of these:

  • Writing in a gratitude journal
  • Having breakfast with your partner
  • Swimming each morning
  • Going for an afternoon walk and breathing in the trees
  • Eating right (see the snack resolution above!)
  • Taking regular breaks
  • Learning new things

Pick one of these, or you’re own energising idea, and commit to it this year. It will make everything flow so much better each day if you find the right one for you.

What’s your New Year’s resolution this year?

Are you going to do something to take better care of yourself this year? Tell me about it in the comments below.

1 thought on “5 Self-Care New Year’s Resolutions for Music Teachers”

  1. Cleaning up my mobile tabs this morning (there’s a resolution right there):

    1. Continue to build lesson planning skills
    2. Better sleep
    3. Brain boosts through regular language learning


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