The Perfect Resource for Music Studio Waiting Rooms

Do you ever have students waiting in your studio during a sibling’s lesson time?

I often do, and I like to give them something productive to do during that time so I’m always on the hunt for (and making) independent activities they can do without much input from me. 

Musical Hues colouring book with a difference for music students

Musical Hues colouring book with a difference for music students

One thing I love to have students do is colouring because it develops their dexterity as well as keeping them busy.

But, colouring can do more than that. I’ve looked before for colour-by-note worksheets but I hadn’t found any where the picture was really all that exciting when finished. Plus I had only ever seen colour-by-note, and I knew this format could be used for so much more.

So I decided to make it.

Colouring sheets for music students

Musical Hues: Abstract Colour-by-Music Adventures

This book is a collection of 20 different colouring sheets. Each one is a different abstracted music instrument that gets gradually revealed as the students colour them in.

I’ve covered a whole range of music theory concepts. Yes, there are a couple that are note names but there’s also dynamics, tempo marks, articulation and intervals.

I think this is a really fun way for students to explore music theory terms in a no-stress no-test environment. It’s just about learning and creating.

My own students have loved doing these and I know your’s will too!

Where to Get Musical Hues

Want to get your hands on this fab resource?

The digital Musical Hues is only available to Vibrant Music Teaching members so if you’re not a member yet, and want to get your hands on this and tons of other awesome resources, you can sign up here.

You can also download a 1 page sample from Musical Hues if you sign-up below. 🙂

Colouring sheets for music students

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What do you give waiting students to do?

Colouring sheets? Theory books? iPad apps? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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