30DSR Day 1: Get Really Honest with a Self Music Teaching Studio Evaluation

Welcome to the 30 Day Music Teaching Studio Refresh. It’s great that you’re here! Well done for taking this step and continuing to improve for yourself and your students. I’m sure you’re going to get a lot out of this.


Music teaching studio self evaluation

If you thought I would take it easy on day 1…I’m afraid you were mistaken. Today’s challenge is to conduct a self music teaching studio evaluation.

You’re going to be taking a good hard look at your current studio. What do you love about it, what’s not so good, and what you want to change. You can’t properly refresh your studio until you really, truly, honestly know where it’s at.

Why do an evaluation?

All the information in the music teaching studio evaluation form is probably already in your head. It’s just a little garbled up…circling round and dancing with all your other thoughts.

Putting things down clearly on paper can make you realise all sorts of things. We can comprehend information better when it’s laid out in front of us in writing.

Writing things down can also make you come to terms with things always knew. Is your studio the way you want it to be? Are you going in the right direction?

Filling in this form is a wonderful step to take for you and your business. Set aside some time, grab a tea or coffee, and let’s kick off the 30 Day Studio Refresh together.

Action Steps

  • Download the Self Studio Evaluation Guide.
  • Get yourself a quiet half hour and fill it in.
  • If you can’t spare the time today schedule some time later in the week.
  • Alternatively, conduct your own style of self studio evaluation by taking notes in your own way. Whichever way you find most useful is fine – as long as you’re brutally honest. 😉

Vibrant Music Teaching members, you can access this resource inside the VMT library. Not a member yet? Find out more about becoming a member here.

Let us know you get on!

Once you’ve completed your self studio evaluation make sure to check back in with everyone. You can leave a comment here, or head on over to the Vibrant Music Teaching Studio Facebook group.

Looking forward to hearing you go with the music teaching studio evaluation. 🙂

1 thought on “30DSR Day 1: Get Really Honest with a Self Music Teaching Studio Evaluation”

  1. This was a really nice way to lay out some aspects of my business and where it is headed. I appreciated the worksheet to get my thoughts down on paper. 🙂

    Some things I observed are that I actually have a pretty evenly split studio in terms of ages (and I am happy with that), I have mostly beginners/late beginners and would like to get more of them to the early intermediate/intermediate levels, I spend too much time thinking about work and checking emails/texts later in the day after work hours. Two things that are working really well right now are my Piano Karate program and our monthly Performance Classes. The once-in-awhile group lessons we have been having online haven’t been great – too much work for too little return of student engagement – so I am ditching those for next year. I am planning to implement partner and small group lessons for next year and know what I need to do to make that happen. Overall, I am happy with my rates and my income, though I know I need to get a few more students on my roster.


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