February WOWZERS – Summer workshops, surprises and gorgeous beginner repertoire

Are you looking for adult piano repertoire, or stuck in a piano teaching rut? Perhaps you’re getting ready to plan some Summer workshops? I’ve curated the best piano teaching resources for you.

Top resources for piano teachers in February 2017

These three piano teaching resources are what’s kept my teaching fires burning as we await Spring’s arrival. All three are definitely worth a look if you’re in need of some piano teacher fuel.

Kaleidoscope Volume 1

I ordered a copy of this book with my big Piano Pronto order months ago. I’ve been hanging on to it since then, not because I didn’t have a student who would fit it, but because I wanted to give it the perfect home.

On Monday, it finally found its owner with one of my adult beginners. The look of delight on her face when I played the first piece ‘The Clarion Rings’ for her (and then when she played through it herself) totally priceless.Kaleidoscope by Rick Robertson

I’ll definitely be ordering some more copies of Kaleidoscope Volume 1 (and the other two volumes). The pieces are just perfect for older beginners especially. They’re harmonically varied and interesting, without being too difficult to read, and they fit beautifully under the hands.

Listen and preview Kaleidoscope Vol. 1 by Rick Robertson here. It might be just what you’re been looking for for that special student. 🙂

Summer Workshops and Camps

I’ve been contemplating switching up my schedule this Summer. I normally run regular lessons, but with packages that parents can choose to split up anyway they want over the weeks I’m available.

However, this Summer I’m going to be away for longer. So I need a more chopped up, flexible system. Which is why I’m considering fitting in some Summer workshops.

Sara's Music Studio summer camps

Sara Campbell has some wonderful posts about this that I’ve been exploring:

These posts have helped me start to brainstorm for my Summer. I’m not going for a full-blown camp because the venue issue is a big one here. But I am definitely going to try out some kind of workshops and possibly some adhoc online scheduling too.

Stay tuned for more details as I plan it out!

Getting Out of a Teaching Rut

I had a wonderful surprise at the start of a lesson last Monday. My most giggliest student (5 years old) arrived, and her mum informed me that she was dying to learn ‘Last Christmas’.

I thought something had been lost in translation, but no, she really was after the song by Wham. She had been singing it on repeat – I think since Christmas.

Well OK then! I wasn’t about to disappoint such a charming student with her unusual request. So we spent the first 5 or so minutes of her lesson working out a bit of the chorus together. Then this week, we finished off the chorus. Now at least her parents get to alternate her singing the song with her playing it!


This was such a fun and refreshing way to kick off these lessons. Which is why I recommend you read this post by Tim Topham. Tim has made a list of 20 different surprising and creative ways you can start a piano lesson.

Surprise your students this week with something different. Trust me, the scales can wait.

What inspired you this month?

Did you read, listen to, or watch something that made you say “WOWZERS”? Did you gain a new perspective on an old topic?

Share it with us in the comments below or in the Vibrant Music Studio Teachers group on Facebook.

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