Theory Worksheet Catalogue – Level 2

This is the fourth in a series of catalogues designed to help piano teachers assign appropriate content after each piano lesson. This catalogue uses the order that theory concepts are introduced in Faber’s ‘Piano Adventures’ book 2A and 2B.


Theory Worksheet Catalogue for level 2 piano students

I have tried to assemble the best free theory worksheets from some of the fantastic music blogs who are generous enough to share with other music teachers, so that we can all easily find what we’re looking for for a particular student. Please see the end of this post for links to the other catalogues in this series, and enjoy!

Piano Adventures Level 2A

Quavers/eighth notes


Crescendo & diminuendo


Tones & semitones/whole & half steps


D pentascale

A pentascale

Minor C-A pentascales

Allegro, moderato, andante

C-A Minor chords

Piano Adventures Level 2B

Low C & High C

Arpeggios C, D, E, F Major and Minor

6th Interval

1st & 2nd time bar

C major scale


G major scale

G I & V7 chords


Ledger line A

ABA form

Quaver rest/eighth rest

Dotted crotchet/dotted quarter note

Lead sheets

iv chord C

iv chord G


F major scale

I, iv, V7 in F major

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These list are by no means complete, as there are so many amazing resources out there! I will continue to add to these posts so please check back again, and if you notice something that’s missing please let me know in the comments below!

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