Theory Worksheet Catalogue – Level 1

This is the third post in my series of music theory worksheet catalogues, see the end of this post for the other catalogues in this series. This page provides links to free worksheets from around the web, listed in the order that music theory concepts are covered in Faber’s ‘Piano Adventures’ level 1.


These are just some of the many fantastic resources that piano teachers across the globe are sharing on their fabulous blogs, please do let me know if you can think of any I’ve missed. I hope that these resource will help all of us find the perfect worksheet to assign a student after each piano lesson, knowing that it won’t cover anything unfamiliar to them.

Piano Adventures Level 1

Dynamics – f, p, mf




Treble CDEFG

Intervals 2nd & 3rd

Interval 4th



Interval 5th

Minum & semibreve rests/half and whole note rests

Sharps & flats

Tonic and dominant

C chord

I chord & simplified V7

G pentascale

Accent mark

D,A,E,F pentascales

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These list are by no means complete, as there are so many amazing resources out there! I will continue to add to these posts so please check back again, and if you notice something that’s missing please let me know in the comments below!

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