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  • 40 piece challenge
  • transposing zen master
  • transposing sage
  • transposing enthusiast
  • transposing apprentice
  • thirty practice bull’s eyes
  • sixty second zen master
  • sixty second sage
  • sixty second apprentice
  • sightreading zen master
  • sightreading sage
  • sightreading apprentice
  • scale virtuoso
  • scale sage
  • scale enthusiast
  • scale apprentice
  • rhythm zen master
  • rhythm sage
  • rhythm apprentice
  • pentascale star
  • minterval zen master
  • minterval sage
  • minterval apprentice
  • chord zen master
  • chord virtuoso
  • chord sage
  • chord enthusiast
  • chord apprentice
  • arpeggio zen msater
  • arpeggio virtuoso
  • arpeggio sage
  • arpeggio enthusiast
  • arpeggio apprentice
  • anyone anywhere anytime excellence
  • 100 days of practice

Challenge Stickers

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My challenge board and stickers are my magic pixie dust. They keep my students striving for better, even with the “boring” stuff that might otherwise get left by the wayside.

Kids love earning a new spot on the board and adding to their sticker collection. They also put in considerably more effort to learn something when they know they’re close to completing a challenge.

These stickers are designed to be used with the challenge board but they can also be used on their own if you prefer. You can use them in the exact way I do in my studio (members click here for the overview sheet) or you can come up with your own achievement levels.

Free Digital Version

If you would prefer to print the stickers yourself, you absolutely can! Click here to get all the details and the download.

What you’re paying for here is the physical product that will be shipped to you. I know many teachers don’t want to spend time getting things printed so we’re making it simple for you!

Vibrant Music Teaching Members

Vibrant Music Teaching members can get more details and access all the downloads for the stickers and posters here.

As a member, you can also get a discount on anything in the Colourful Keys store, including these stickers! Click here to get your discount code.

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Sticker type

Pentascale Hero, Pentascale Star, Scale Apprentice, Scale Enthusiast, Scale Sage, Scale Virtuoso, Scale Zen Master, Arpeggio Apprentice, Arpeggio Enthusiast, Arpeggio Sage, Arpeggio Virtuoso, Arpeggio Zen Master, Chord Apprentice, Chord Enthusiast, Chord Sage, Chord Virtuoso, Chord Zen Master, Transposing Apprentice, Transposing Enthusiast, Transposing Sage, Transposing Virtuoso, Transposing Zen Master, Sightreading Apprentice, Sightreading Sage, Sightreading Zen Master, Rhythm Apprentice, Rhythm Sage, Rhythm Zen Master, 60-Second Apprentice, 60-Second Sage, 60-Second Zen Master, Minterval Apprentice, Minterval Sage, Minterval Zen Master, 100 Days of Practice, 40-Piece Challenge, Anyone Anywhere Anytime, 30 Practice Bull's Eyes

Number of stickers

1 strip (7 stickers), 1 page (35 stickers)


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Challenge Stickers
 0.75 1.75