Gamify Piano Scales with Scale Spinners

Is a giant list of scales needed for an exam bringing you down? Is your student just practicing the ones they already know perfectly well and ignoring the difficult ones? Do they only remember them in the order there listed in their book?

Piano scale spinner

Piano scale spinner

This scale spinner has certainly taken a lot of the tedium and repetition out of my grade 3 students’ scales and helped prepare them for the random order in which scales are asked in exams. Scale SpinnerI give  a scale spinner to each student once we they “know” each of the new scales they need for the exam, usually about 2-3 months before the exam. I haven’t had any problems with scale practice since I introduced this colourful spinner. 😉

Download the Grade 3 scale spinner, or check out the Grade 6 and empty versions here.

In search of more scale gamification?

Try these awesome scale charts with motivational stickers. Scale practice will never be a problem in your studio again.

4 thoughts on “Gamify Piano Scales with Scale Spinners”

  1. These are great! Thank you so much! What does “CM” mean, for example, at the bottom of the Grade 3 spinner page it says “F Major CM.”


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