Pumpkin Patch Match – Spooky Halloween Fun for Group Lessons this October

I love Halloween. How ’bout you? It’s even more fun as a piano teacher since I get to see it through the eyes of all my students.

When the ghosts, goblins, pumpkins and creepy crawlies come to town I like to make sure piano lessons aren’t just same old same old. Students will be distracted by all the fun anyway, so I say ride that wave.

To help you celebrate Halloween with your students I’m sharing one of the games from my newest Piano Party Pack with you. Pumpkin Patch Match is one of the 8 games and activities included in the pack.

Haunting Harmonies Piano Party Pack

This bingo style game is super fun. Pick out pumpkins to try to fill your “pumpkin patch” but watch out! If you get a rotten pumpkin you miss a turn!

Pumpkin Patch Match Music Theory Game

Pumpkin Patch Match

Assembly Instructions

  • Download the Pumpkin Patch Match pdf.
  • Print out pages 3-7.
  • Cut apart the gameboard on pages 3, 4 & 5.
  • Cut out the pumpkins on pages 6 & 7. Laminate if desired.
  • Find something to put the pumpkins in such as a box, hat, bag, etc.
  • Print the cover page for storage if desired.

Gameplay Instructions

  • Give each player a Pumpkin Patch gameboard. If playing with more than 6 players, organise into pairs to share gameboards.
  • Take turns to draw a pumpkin.
  • If the pumpkin fits in the player’s pumpkin patch, they place it in that spot.
  • If the pumpkin doesn’t match, they put it back in the bag. This is the end of their turn, they don’t draw again.
  • If the player draws a “rotten” pumpkin they should place it in front of them. They miss this go, and the next go. After they have skipped the next turn, they place the rotten pumpkin back in the bag.
  • The winner is the first player to fill their pumpkin patch.

What’s your favourite Halloween music game?

Do you have one that you return to year after year? Any exciting plans for Halloween in your piano studio?

P.S. If you’re looking for more games and activities for an upcoming group lesson, workshop or piano party you should check out the Haunting Harmonies Piano Party Pack. Everything you need to have some seriously spooky fun!

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