Target Your Piano Studio Website Message to Fill Your Fall Studio

I’m excited to bring you these tips from guest blogger Janna Carlson about targeting your piano studio website message. Janna built her own studio website in 2013. To make it less miserable, she took her laptop to a brewery and sipped on half-pints of dark beer while she struggled to learn her way around Squarespace. Now, seven years later, she and her husband build websites for music teachers through Studio Rocket Web Design. They live for the moments when clients come back, bursting with excitement about what their new website has helped them accomplish in their studio.

As I follow conversations this Spring from online music teachers, I occasionally hear encouraging reports like “I have four new students beginning lessons this summer,” or “I received six new inquiries last week.”

If you’re in that group, congratulations! That’s wonderful!

More frequently, though, I hear teachers expressing that their student numbers are lower than usual. That summer enrollment is lagging. Or that more parents are taking a break from lessons, and the teacher’s not sure if their students will come back.

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If you’re in this group, what can you do?

Specifically, what can you do NOW to help you have a full studio when September arrives?

As we rely on the internet now more than ever before, one of the most powerful piano studio marketing tools is your studio website.

And, more than ever before, it’s essential that your website’s message is clear and concise. Parents are balancing many responsibilities right now and have even less time and attention than usual.

Here are three ways to connect powerfully, quickly and effectively with parents through your piano studio website message.

1. Help Parents Solve a Problem

Parents don’t usually pursue music lessons just to fill extra time in their family’s schedule. They’re looking for solutions to the parenting challenges they are facing.

Their child may be spending too much time playing video games, watching TV, or glued to their phone.

Perhaps their child is feeling lonely in their new school or grade, and the parents want to help them find positive connections with peers.

Rather than offering piano lessons, offer parents an alternative to video games to engage their child’s mind while expanding their creativity.

So instead of talking about which methods you use in piano lessons, show a parent how their child will feel like part of a team in your studio with their fellow musicians.

Help parents solve the challenges they’re facing with their child, and you will have a loyal new family in your studio.

2. Offer What Parents are Committed to Giving Their Child

Parents want to help their children be strong, successful, confident human beings, so they’re much more likely to want music lessons if it will help their child thrive as a person.

Playing music gives kids confidence in their own voice.

Playing music expands a child’s creativity.

Playing music can enhance a child’s teamwork skills, increase their ability to focus, and give them a safe outlet for expressing emotion.

These are things that every loving parent wants for their child – regardless of their desire to give their child music lessons.

What do your students receive from their piano lessons which has nothing to do with music? 

Have you seen their confidence increase? 

Have they formed wonderful friendships within your studio? 

Have your teens flourished through self-expression?

Focusing on the big, non-musical outcomes that a child experiences in your studio will connect with parents on an emotional level.

And these parents will deeply value the piano lessons you give because they see benefits in their child that are far beyond their ability to play beautiful music.

3. Make Enrollment Easy

You know what’s missing on many music studio websites? A clear path to enrolling in lessons.

As teachers, we perfectly understand our own enrollment process, and it’s probably straightforward.

But think about what’s like to purchase most things online:

  1. Choose the item
  2. Put it in your cart
  3. Check out

Or to enroll in an online program:

  1. Start an account 
  2. Enter your payment details
  3. Receive access to the program

Music lessons don’t work that way. 

Most of us get to know a family to see if they’ll be a good fit, make sure they read and agree with our studio policy, and find a weekly lesson time before finally allowing them to enroll.

While most parents appreciate and agree with this process, it can feel confusing.

Your website is the perfect place to make it simple.

My favorite way to explain the enrollment process to parents goes something like this:

How to Get Started:

  1. Complete this form (using a hyperlink or use a colorful button)
  2. The teacher will reach out so you can get to know each other
  3. We’ll find the perfect lesson time and schedule your child’s first piano lesson!

Yes, of course there are more steps than that. No, a family’s spot in your studio is not guaranteed simply because they reach out. You can get to all of that later.

Sharing a simple outline of your enrollment process helps a parent take the first step because they feel like they know what to expect. 

If it looks easy and unintimidating, the parent is much more likely to get started right away.

Final Thoughts

Working on your piano studio website message can feel intimidating. The difference it can bring in your results, though, makes it well worth your time. 

Would an improved website bring in five extra students over the next few months?

That’s a great return on your investment.

Janna is located in Washington State where she also teaches piano online, tries to grow things in her garden and spoils the family’s tuxedo cats, Fred & Ginger. Want more tips about optimising your music studio website? Check out the Marketing section of Nicola’s ‘Piano Studio Business page.

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