Musical Alphabet Memory Game for Piano Students

Memory is a classic kids card game and a great way to teach that x=y. Many of my preschool piano students love this music alphabet memory game.

I use two separate decks for musical alphabet memory, one is CDE and the other FGAB. This split encourages students to find the notes based on the two and three black key groups, rather than knowing just one note and working their way up.

Musical memory game

Musical alphabet memory game

You can play this with your student, taking turns to pick a pair, or have the student play it ‘solitaire’. If you are playing against your student. Perhaps don’t bring your “a-game”, they’ll be much more likely to want to play again if they win!

As an optional extra, when they get a pair, ask them to run and find the note on the piano before they can add it to their pile.Musical Alphabet Memory

Get the Printable

Download theĀ musical alphabet key memory cards, print out double sided, cut apartĀ and laminate them to use with your own students. Let me know what you think below!

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2 thoughts on “Musical Alphabet Memory Game for Piano Students”

  1. I love your visuals . Thank you very much for sharing. I printed, cut, laminated and used with a little 4 y.o. today for the first time. Perfect. Just what she needed. I SO appreciate all you teachers who are good at manipulating your computers into helping them ….. and share with the rest of us.
    Thank you.

  2. When I started teaching this fall, it seems like there were 3 sets of games: one for CDE, one for FGAB, and another that had ALL the notes. But I can’t find that one on the website. It was the one that had the blue backing. Am I just missing it?


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