Calculators for Music Lesson Rates

What to charge is one of the trickiest questions for music teachers. Calculating your music lesson rates often feels like a mixture of market research, pixie dust and self-belief.

I can’t and wouldn’t attempt to tell you how much you should charge for your music lessons. (Although, the music industry report might help you think through your rates.) But I can help you calculate flat monthly music lesson rates and fair rates for your group lessons based on tried and tested equations.

I know math is not always music teachers’ favourite activity. That’s why I’ve put together these handy calculators for the most common head-scratchers that you might come up against.

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Monthly, Semester and Annual Rates

If you are charging per lesson (either accepting payment at each lesson or working it out based on the lessons in each month or term) then I highly recommend changing to a flat rate structure.

Music Lesson Rate Calculators

This calculator will help you work out equal monthly payments. It also provides an option for charging a little extra for the monthly payment option if you offer a semester/annual option. In my studio, monthly students pay 5% extra.

  • E.g. "30 minute lessons" – fill this in for your own reference if you'll be using the form several times and emailing the results to yourself.
  • Only use this if you offer a semester/annual option and want to charge extra to cover the admin work and bank charges required for monthly payments.

Group lesson rates

Use the form below to calculate options for your group lesson rates at different multiples.

The minimum I would recommend making from your group lessons is 1.5 x your regular teaching rate. This is because it takes more planning, resources and admin to run a group class. I have also included double and triple rate options here. Use the maximum rate that your market will bear.

For the minimum number of students, enter the number of students you must enroll in order to run the class. If you’re calculating rates for partner lessons, simply enter “2” here.

  • Fees at 1.5 x Your Regular Rate

  • Fees at 2 x Your Regular Rate

  • Fees at 3 x Your Regular Rate

Buddy Lesson Rates

This buddy lesson calculator will work out a fair price for your buddy lessons, which is halfway between the actual time students will receive and the time they take up in your schedule. This is a good deal for students.

Buddy Lesson Price Calculator


Have more questions about rates, payments, and policies? Check out my centralized hub for information about running your studio business.

5 thoughts on “Calculators for Music Lesson Rates”

  1. Hooooooly moly, I’m just learning more and more about equal monthly/semester/yearly payments, and while I’m VERY nervous about implementing it (I’ve done per-lesson fees for 15 years, and there will also be a lesson fee increase involved), I’m also a bit excited! Thanks for creating this great tool!

    • We are very happy to hear that! I’m sure it will all work very well!

      Gabriel – VMT Community Assistant


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