Earn your Icecream – A piano practice incentive

This is a super simple practice incentive that I use with my young students. I find anything food themed tends to go down a treat! 😉

These incentive sheets can be used for anything you want. I tend to use them to reward written homework but you could als0 use them for pieces completed, scale practice, etc.

Earn your ice cream piano practice incentive

Earn your ice cream piano practice incentive

Most of my kids don’t have a problem practicing their pieces but they sometimes forget about their theory sheets and exercises. For every sheet they complete they get one “scoop” of ice-cream, which is a circular sticker. Their favourite part is always choosing the “flavour”!


There are two ice-cream incentive sheets on every A4 so you will need to cut it down the middle. I did them this size so I could tape them inside the front of the kids’ practice notebooks.

Enjoy your ice-cream and let me know if you have any questions or comments below!

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