Creep Your Way to Interval Success with this Halloween Game

Halloween is a time when kids can be a bit…distracted. When sugar and costumes and trick-or-treating are the only things on their mind, I find it’s better to go with the flow rather than try to fight it!

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Creep your way to interval success 4

Creepy Corridor is a fun spookily themed game that I’m sharing with you today so you can embrace the Halloween ghosts. 🙂

Can your students make their way along the creepy corridor towards safety? They’ll need to be interval naming pros (including the quality if they’re ready for that) to get to the end.


  • Place a counter for each player on the “start here” row of floor tiles at the bottom of the board.
  • Players take turns to draw a card and name the interval. (If they are intermediate students they must also name the interval quality.)
    • If they are correct they move forward to the next row of tiles.
    • If they are incorrect they stay where they are.
    • If they draw a ghost card they must go back to the start.
  • The winner is the first to reach the “safety” door at the end of the corridor.


To assemble this game:

  • Print out the game board (pages 3-4). Trim along the dotted lines, laminate if desired and tape the board pieces together.
  • Print out the game cards (page 5-10) double-sided. Trim along the dotted lines and laminate if desired.
  • You will also need a game counter (eraser, small toy, button, etc.) for each player.


Becoming familiar with intervals is very important for reading skills. The option of naming the interval quality means that this game can be used side-by-side by beginner & intermediate students.

Download the Game


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