CKQC032: ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Moonrise’ improvisation solos for beginners

These two patterns are the very first ones in Create First Book 1. Both the duet and solo options are simple and beautiful.

Although we always do improvisation at my studio from the beginning, I’ve been working to get my students to do more improvisation solos. Several of my students even did solo improv at our January Jam concert.

I love the simple contrast of F sharp major and E flat minor in these patterns, and we often use them as a pair like this. It’s so inspiring for beginners to be able to make such rich music.

If you haven’t tried improvisation with your students before, I hope this video will encourage you to give it a try – it doesn’t have to be fancy or difficult. Just get started.

What are quick clips?

Colourful Keys Quick Clips are all about giving you a taste of what my lessons are actually like – in action.

I certainly don’t claim to be an expert, and I don’t have all the answers. I just know how much seeing real teaching with real students has helped me to grow and improve as a teacher.

Let me know what you think!

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CKQC032_ ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Moonrise’ improvisation solos for beginners Blog Post Image Template PinterestCKQC032_ ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Moonrise’ improvisation solos for beginners Blog Post Image Template Pinterest 2

6 thoughts on “CKQC032: ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Moonrise’ improvisation solos for beginners”

  1. I’ve used a few of his improvs through Tim Topham’s No Book Beginner series. It’s so wonderful! Thank you for expanding on this and I’m going to get the solo and duet book! Quick questions: do you recommend the hard copy books or downloads and so you send the solo music home with the student or just have them play it from memory?

  2. From Nicola’s videos I get the impression that Ireland is always dreadfully dark 24/7 haha.

    Really intrigued by how the bass notes really color the experience of the same black notes. So Simple yet effective!

  3. We classically trained teachers do find improv to be a scary world to navigate. Thank you so much for sharing this video and for all the info and encouragement!
    Can’t wait to try this with my students!


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