Buggy Bingo – Grand staff note name bingo game

My young beginners and I have been having great fun with this new note name bingo game for the past few weeks. I can see it becoming a firm favourite from now on.

Bug theme music theory bingo

Note name bingo for music students

In the beginning students need tons of practice naming the first few notes on the grand staff. The bug theme of course is just for fun.

The game includes note name bingo cards and printable little bugs to use as counters. If you have some little bug toys lying around – even better. 😉

It would be super simple to adapt this one for those that are beyond the first few note names by creating new bingo cards with whichever notes you want to review.

How to Play

  • Give each player a note name bingo card, and place the bugs and cards in the centre.
  • Draw a card from the centre.
  • If a player has that note they should place a bug on their card to cover it (if you have 2 of the note choose only one to cover).
  • The winner is the first to get a row of bugs and shout “BINGO!”.


  1. Download the Buggy Bingo pdf.
  2. Print pages 1-6 on card, one sided. These are the bingo cards.
  3. Print pages 7-8 double sided, cut apart the cards and laminate.
  4. Optionally, print out page 9 and cut around the bugs to use as bingo chips. (You could also just use anything you have around as the chips, such as beads, coins etc.)
  5. There is also an instructions page and a cover page on pages 10 and 11. You don’t need these necessarily but I lend my games to students so these keep things organised.


Are you looking for more ways to get off the piano bench?

I’ve put together a games catalogue for piano teachers with links to games from my own site and others. You can find the Off-the-bench catalogue by clicking here. I hope you find something you love!

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