Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime Pieces for Piano Student Motivation

I’ve seen several piano teachers in the online community using this phrase, so I’m not sure who I should attribute it to. Perhaps it’s just a common phrase in piano lessons across the pond?

Anytime anywhere anyone piano pieces

Anytime anywhere anyone piano pieces

Whoever made it up, I think it’s super smart, and fits right into the kind of teaching I like to do. I don’t want any of my students to be in the position I always was, you admit you play piano and they reply “Oh wow! You have to play me something!”

Hrrmmm…what could I say? Do you have my sheet music at your piano? Would you like to hear the Bartók piece I’ve been working on for my exam? (Nothing against Bartók, just not really the party music they were expecting!)

So I’m going to be using these A5 cards with my students. Print them out, put them in the back of their notebook/folder and fill them in in pencil. They should be five pieces that s/he loves, can play well, and can play from memory.

Now the idea IS NOT the same as competition or exam pieces. We’re not trying to impress music experts here! These pieces have to be fun for everyone, real crowd pleasers, they DO NOT need to be the most difficult level the student can play. They should just really, really, love playing them and want to share them with people!


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