30DSR Day 7: Spring Clean your Music Teaching Studio Space

It’s not Spring yet but it might just be a good time for a Spring clean. A mini Spring clean at least. Today in the 30 Day Studio Refresh (sign up for the 30DSR emails by clicking here) we’re going to be resetting and refreshing our music teaching studio spaces.

30 day studio refresh spring clean your studio

Music teaching studio spring clean

The space you teach in is more important than you might think. When a new student walks in the door you want them to get the right vibe straight away.

Is your studio fun and goofy? Serious and respectful? Clutter-free and organised?

Try to pick out two words that would describe your studio space.

Whether it’s a full commercial suite or the corner of your living room doesn’t matter. What adjectives would someone use upon first seeing your teaching area? Ask a spouse, friend or family member what words would come to mind for them to get a fresh perspective.

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Achieving the Right Vibe

If your adjectives matched with the vibe you want your studio to have. AND your studio is completely clean, tidy and organised then awesome. Take the day off – you’ve earned it.

If you’re not sending the right message however, take today just to align it a little better. Don’t think that you have to do everything today. Pick out one thing you can do with the time you have available today.

Putting up music teaching studio shelves

Action Steps

Only you can know what’s the best action to take today. Here’s some examples to get you thinking.

  • Reorganise your music collection by level so you can pick out what you need more quickly.
  • Hang some photos of students to make the space more welcoming.
  • Display some of the games you use more prominently so new students know how much fun you have here.
  • Take out your rhythm instruments so they’re more directly accessible during lessons.
  • Put away your rhythm instruments so students don’t mess with them.

Do anything that will make you feel better about your music teaching studio space. It doesn’t have to be a huge project but it does have to get done today.

What will your music teaching studio spring clean look like?

Let us know Vibrant Music Studio Teachers group or in the comments below what you’ve decided to tackle. If you’re struggling to choose tell us the options and we’ll help you pick one.

Make sure to take before and after photos of your project. Post them in the Vibrant Music Studio Teachers group when you’re done. I’m excited to see what everyone does during this mini Spring clean challenge.

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