30DSR Day 25: Listen to Music your Students Hear Everyday

We’re into the final week of the 30 Day Studio Refresh. You’re probably feeling simultaneously recharged and tuckered out with all the tasks I’ve been giving you to improve your music teaching studio. Day 25 is the easiest one yet, we’re going to listen to some music your students hear everyday.

30DSR Day 25 Listen to student music

Take the time to listen to music your students hear everyday

If you’re a pop hater this might be difficult for you. I believe that as music teachers we need to stay in touch with the music of today. Staying up on our soapbox preaching about Beethoven, Bartók and Mozart isn’t getting us closer to teaching students classical music. It just pushes them further away.

Plus it’s hypocritical. How can we expect them to take an interest in the music we want them to learn if we take no interest in the music that speaks to them?


I’m not even telling you to teach pop music to your students (although I think you should consider it), just be aware of the music your students hear in their day to day lives. Keep an ear on it, you might be surprised what a difference this little gesture makes to student engagement.

Action Steps

  • Find music your students are listening to on a radio station, or by asking them and looking it up in Spotify or YouTube.
  • Put it on while you do your dishes or tidy your studio today.
  • Try to appreciate and absorb it even if it’s not your preferred genre. 😉

What did you listen to as a teenager?

While we’re finding out more about the music of today, let’s take a walk down memory lane. Leave a comment below or in the Vibrant Music Studio Teachers group on Facebook with your own favourite music at age 13.

I can’t wait to hear the diverse music from the different generations we have involved.

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