30DSR Day 24: Make Time for Professional Development

Staying at the top of your game means consistently learning and improving yourself. There’s a reason professional development is a mandatory part of many office and corporate environments.  As music studio teachers we need to schedule the time for professional development ourselves – no one else is going to make you.

30DSR Day 24 Professional development

Invest in yourself with continuing education opportunities for music teachers

Except me of course. 😉

Today in the 30 Day Studio Refresh I want you to find and schedule professional development during 2017. There are lots of options to suit every budget and calendar, but you must commit to it.

Don’t think about it, contemplate it or mull it over. Put it in the diary, pay the booking fee and lock that thing in.

Professional Development Options

  • Conferences – NCKP, MTNA, or your own local music teacher events
  • Webinars – Tim Topham, Leila Viss, UpBeat Piano Teachers and other online teachers have great webinars some free, and some paid
  • Online Courses – Whether it’s in pedagogy, history or technology there’s tons of course online these days just google around for something that interests you
  • In-person Courses – Perhaps you’ve always wanted to explore Dalcroze, Kodály, Orff or Dr. Gordon philosophies? There are courses all over the world in these alternative approaches that can really help broaden your teaching horizons.

Whatever you choose make sure it’s something that fits your schedule, budget, and interests as a teacher. Then put it in your diary and make a date to invest in yourself.


Personally I’m planning to attend NCKP this year (which is huge since I’m the other side of the pond) and I’m really excited to connect and share with other like minded teachers. Maybe I’ll see you there?

What investment will you make in yourself in 2017?

Are you planning to attend a conference, course or workshop? I’d love to see everyone’s plans in the the Vibrant Music Studio Teachers group on Facebook or in the comments below.

Let’s inspire each other to keep getting better and learning more.

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