30DSR Day 19: Make Time for Practice (No Excuses!)

I’m not a strict teacher. I’m much more of a carrot than stick kind of gal. Excuses, however are not tolerated in my studio. We all have the same amount of time in a week, and not practicing is almost always a choice. In an effort not to be a complete hypocrite this means I make time for practice too.

30DSR Day 19 Make time for practice

Spend some quality time practicing your own instrument for 30 minutes

I may not practice for hours on end, but I do play every day – always trying to get better in some way, shape or form. Even if it’s a few minutes here and there, when I do make time for practice I feel better for it. I make it a priority just like I want my students to.

Depending on your own schedule (and whether performances are part of your paid work) this task might be a gimme for you. You might already have 3 hours of daily practice built right into your schedule.

For those of you in my boat however, I’d like you to find 30 minutes to spend some quality time with your instrument. Block it out, mark it, and schedule it.


What to Practice

What you work on during that time is entirely up to you. Start on the piece you plan to play at the next recital, review your scales, learn a new etude, anything you like.

What you can’t do is just play. Playing and practicing are different activities. To be practicing you must be working on improving. Improve your technique, your memory or your sight reading –  but you must be working hard and making progress. 😉

For tips on making that practice better, read this post: What I Wish I Knew About Teaching Piano Practice 12 Years Ago.

Action Steps

  • Block out 30 minutes to practice today.
  • Choose what to work on and set a goal for yourself.
  • Turn off, put aside or otherwise remove your phone and other devices from the vicinity.
  • Enjoy your quality time with your instrument.

How much time do you get to practice each day?

Does 30 minutes sound like a stretch to you? Or is it a piece of cake? What are you working on at the moment?

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