12 Days of Inspiration Day 1: Stay Focussed and Productive with the Power of ONE

How to avoid piano teacher overwhelm in 2018 with the power of one

Information overload. It’s a feeling that most of us can easily empathise with these days. There’s just SO. MUCH. STUFF.

So many possibilities, so many plans, so many ideas and of course; so little time.

Just the other day, I posted 31 ideas for New Year’s resolutions for piano teachers. Today I’m launching a series of 12 amazing articles written by a whole host of amazing piano teacher bloggers from around the world.

I’m so excited to read each of these posts and get inspiration as we move into the new year, and I hope you are too. There’s some seriously great content on the way.

However, I wanted to take this first day of our series to encourage you to take action on just one of these brilliant ideas you’re about to read.

This is always the best way forward. When you put on your digital blinkers and keep your attention on your personal goals and priorities you achieve more, not less.

(We helped teachers find out what these priorities should be in the Piano Pivot. Sign-up for the waiting list for the next one here.)

Bookmark, then Be Ruthless

As you read these beautiful articles over the 12 days of Christmas (and any others throughout the year for that matter), I want you to do two things.

  1. Bookmark your favourites in your browser, pin them on your Pinterest boards (find me on Pinterest here while you’re at it) or copy the links into Evernote. Whatever suits you.
  2. Leave them to sit for a few days, and then eliminate all those that don’t fit your priorities.

When you really take a hard look at all the ideas and how they fit your mission as a teacher, you won’t get overwhelmed. It will be clear which of these possibilities is right for you.

Get a system in place for evaluating which things are worth your time. Some of the most important things to ask yourself are:

  • Will it save significant time each week going forward?
  • Will it make you happier?
  • Will it make life easier in the long-term?
  • Will it increase your skills in an area you want to prioritise?
  • Will it make you more money?

Download the Freebie

You can download a flowchart that makes this process super clear and easy below.

The Power of One

Once you whittle the potential candidates down, you can plan which one to take action on right now. You might have 10 ideas there, but you must pick ONE at a time.

You see, one is much better than zero. And zero is what most people do when they try to do everything.

So do one thing.

When you’re done, you can do another if you like. The ideas aren’t going anywhere. 🙂

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