Vivid Practice Resources

Parent Setup Guide

Feel free to send this PDF guide to parents to help them get started with the app.

Google Sheets Assignment Templates

Make sure to watch this tutorial video before using any of the templates. There are a few things you need to know to make them work nicely for you. 🙂

Here are the templates we have so far. Just click on the link to copy to your Google Drive.

Practice Stickers

Some teachers requested stickers to add quick reminders to students’ music. These include the 4 practice types as well as many things as teachers say often! Click here to download the images. You can set these up using the template for whichever stickers you’re printing on (for example, Avery has a tool on their website.)


This roadmap shows some of the features we’re working on at the moment.

If there’s something we don’t do yet, but you’d love to see added, make sure to fill out our feature request form.

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