Frown to Smile Emoticon Assignment Sheets for Piano Students

I love running practice incentives for my new students. As they move along their piano journey though, I don’t want them to rely on getting a reward for practicing.

Learning to play the piano really should be it’s own prize. These new emoticon assignment sheets simply help to make good (and bad) amounts of practice immediately evident.

Frown and smile assignment sheets for piano

Emoticon piano practice assignment sheets

A big batch of my students just finished the Fishy Practice Incentive and got their treasure chest magnets, so I wanted something new.

With these new emoticon assignment sheets they are still tracking how many repetitions they do of each piece/scale but the only goal is to reach the happiest face they can!


(Click on the image to download the pdf.)

I’ve also created a modified version for my students who have trouble focussing during the lesson (just like with my wriggly fishy assignment sheet).

This version has a section at the top to reward good in-lesson behaviour. If they get all their stickers in the first 25 minutes then they get to play a game or an iPad app of their choice.


Do you need some more assignment sheet options? Check out this assignment sheet roundup post.

What do you think of practice incentives?

Do you have an on going reward system for practicing? Or do you only do occasional incentives?

2 thoughts on “Frown to Smile Emoticon Assignment Sheets for Piano Students”

  1. Hi,
    a great printable, along with your fishy one, which I’ve just started using with my youngest pupils. Last year I ran a smiley face incentive just like this one based on the amount of practice days pupils did, but I’ll be using it again in your format! You have so many lovely ideas and I really appreciate being able to download and print resources as with family commitments I now don’t have the time to enjoy this really creative part of teaching! Love the blog too! Just one thing, which I really hope you don’t mind me mentioning….. Assignment is spelt wrong!


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