Four Very Simple Chords…(that will sound very familiar!)

This simple C major chord progression is a great way to get adult and teen students making music right away and sounding great from the get-go.

Four chord patterns

Four chord patterns for adult piano students

Practise playing these one after the other with your right hand.

  • Once your hand is in position on the C major triad, pick it up (without moving your fingers) and move it two notes to the left to the A minor triad.
  • Pick it up again and move it one note left to G major, then again one left to F major.
  • Then five notes back up to C major.

It looks like this…


Once you’ve got the hang of this try using your left hand to play the bass note of the chord one octave lower –before you play the chord. So you play a low C note with your left hand and then a C major triad on middle C with your right hand.

Then play a low A with your left hand, followed by the A minor triad in your right hand. Make sense?

Great! Keep going, round and round these four chords until you can speed it up a bit, what does it sound like to you? There are many, many, many songs that use this simple chord progression in C.

Now play around with it, go wherever it takes you! Try playing it with a bouncy rhythm, try repeating the some of the chords more than once in row before moving on, try everything because (despite what you may have thought in the past).

When it comes to music there aren’t any wrong answers, if you like listening to it, then it’s super. Have fun making music!

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