Comic Assignment Sheet – with challenges!

A new year means fresh assignment sheets for some of my students! I like to change up the way assignment sheets look often, keeps the students on their toes!

Comic piano assignment sheet

Comic themed piano assignment sheet

These new assignment sheets are a little “step up” from the frown to smile assignment sheets they were using. Under each assignment I will assign a challenge for the next lesson.

This way, my students are moving from just thinking about how much practice they are doing, to what they are achieving in their practice time. I like to make this transition as soon as they are in the habit of regular practice.


(Click on the image to download the pdf.)

Underneath the challenge is a little self-assessment. The challenge confidence level not only gets students thinking about how their practice has been going, but lets you see how accurately they perceive their playing.

It can be a really interesting insight into whether a student is over or under confident in different areas.

Is this assignment sheet not quite right for you? There are tons of other options on this page.

How do you encourage focussed practice?

Do you have a method of making sure students aren’t just running through pieces at home? Do you find students just going through the motions at home?

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