Piano Assignment Sheets for Adult and Teen Piano Students

My youngest students have fun with their colourful animal themed assignment sheets, and my pre-teens love their emoticon assignment sheets. But, I do need something a bit more “refined” for my teen and adult piano pupils.

Adult and teen piano assignment sheets

Piano assignment sheets for adults and teenagers.

Since there are is a wide range of levels in this age bracket, I kept the assignment sheet simple and unspecific. There are major and minor circles of fifths at the top, and spaces for scales, technique, sight-reading and 3 pieces.

Not all of these categories get filled in every week, but it gives me space for everything I normally need. In the pdf there is an optional second page (I print this on the back) for students to make practice notes during the week.

older assignment sheet

Update: There was a special request for a slightly different version of this sheet. While I was at it I decided to upload a few different ones I’ve been using. At different stages my adult and teen piano students need a different mix of pieces, scales and technique.

So here’s some more assignment sheets for adult students with different formats and assignment types. You should be able to find something for everyone here!

This first two are great for those students who need easy pieces alongside more long-term repertoire. I call these easier level pieces “quick studies” and we aim to complete them in 1-2 weeks.

older-assignment-sheet6 (Click on the image to download the pdf.)older-assignment-sheet5

(Click on the image to download the pdf.) older-assignment-sheet4(Click on the image to download the pdf.) older-assignment-sheet3 (Click on the image to download the pdf.)

This assignment sheet is perfect for those students who prefer more detailed, step-by-step notes. There’s lots of space under each heading to write in detail.

older-assignment-sheet2(Click on the image to download the pdf.)

This is probably the simplest and most common mix I use for beginning adult and teen students. Space for technique exercises, scales, and four pieces. In the beginning students tend to get through repertoire more quickly – so I find four pieces is usually about right.

older-assignment-sheet-1(Click on the image to download the pdf.)

Click on the images to get the pdf files, and I hope you get as much use out of these versatile sheets as I have!

Want your adult and teen students to practice better?

Playful Practice and Pensive Practice cards give students practice prompts so they work smarter, not harder. The cards are specifically designed without any cutesy graphics. Adult pianos students won’t find them babyish or juvenile.

You check out the practice cards here and view sample pages with some of the practice tasks used in the cards.

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