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Complete primer level music theory value pack, with worksheets, flashcards and a board game. All with a fun buggy theme!

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Product Description

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What’s included?

  • Buggy Bugston’s Branch Boulevard – A fun board game to review Primer level concepts
  • Buggy Bugston’s Worksheets Pack
  • Buggy Bugston’s Flashcards

This set would be great for a group lesson for primer level piano students, or for use in individual lessons. The set is organised in the order that the concepts appear in Faber & Faber’s Piano Adventures Primer, but could easily be adapted to suit any other piano method you use.

Branch Boulevard

Buggy Bugston’s Branch Boulevard is a fun board game for reviewing primer level concepts. Players race around the branch by drawing cards testing elementary music theory concepts.

Concepts covered:

  • Notes on the staff – middle C to treble G and middle C to bass C.
  • Note values – quarter, half, dotted half and whole notes, including tied notes.
  • Treble and bass clef symbols
  • Steps and skips

What’s included in Branch Boulevard:

  • Board – three options – for printing on home printer, and A3 and A2 versions if you prefer to use a commercial printer.
  • 32 game cards, arranged on 4 pages for easy printing, with decorative backs.
  • Game and printing instructions pdf

*You will need your own game counters to play this game. You can use whatever you have to hand for this such as bead, pencil toppers etc.

How to play:

1. Shuffle cards and place face down in card space.
2. Place game counters on the “start” leaf.
3. Each player draws one card per turn, and moves to the designated space or number of spaces.
4. If a question card is drawn and the player cannot answer the question correctly they stay where they are.
5. If the player lands on a leaf with a bug on it, they get an extra turn.
6. The winner is the first to make it around the tip of the branch and back to the finish leaf.
7. If the cards run out at any point, the used cards should be shuffled and turned back over.

Worksheet Pack

Set of bug themed music worksheets designed to accompany primer level instrumental music lessons, but may also be useful for those in a class setting.

Concepts covered:

  • Quarter note
  • Half note
  • Whole note
  • Musical Alphabet
  • Steps
  • Dotted half note
  • Grand staff
  • Treble & bass clef
  • Middle C – Search and find
  • Middle C – Drawing
  • Treble G – Search and find
  • Treble G – Drawing
  • Bass F – Search and find
  • Bass F – Drawing
  • Treble DEF – Search and find
  • Treble DEF – Drawing
  • Bass B – Search and find
  • Bass B – Drawing
  • Barlines – 3:4 and 4:4
  • Bass A – Search and find
  • Bass A – Drawing
  • Bass G – Search and find
  • Bass G – Drawing
  • Skips
  • Bass D – Search and find
  • Bass D – Drawing
  • Bass C – Search and find
  • Bass C – Drawing
  • Tie


This a set of flashcards for reviewing note names with a fun Buggy theme! There are 8 flashcards per page, and backs with answers are included. The note range is from Low F to High G, making 24 cards in total (middle C is included for both bass and treble clef).

As a bonus I have included an extra page of some basic terminology flashcards! There are 8 cards in this set covering treble clef, bass clef, forte, piano, whole note, dotted half note, half note and quarter note (there is a separate pdf with UK terms if that is what you prefer i.e. crotchet, minum, dotted minum, semibreve).

File Notes

Both UK and US versions of the files are included for ease of printing. You can just delete the ones which do not apply to you.

All UK pages are 190mm x 275mm. This ensure that they will print on all printers, without scaling. You do not need to check “Fit to Page” on your print dialogue box, however, if you have considerably larger print area you may want to try this option.

US file versions are set up to print on letter size. The flashcards are compatible with Avery pre-cut business cards, but can also be printed on regular paper/card and cut apart. There are 2 versions of the US flashcard files, one with dotted cutting lines, and one without.


  • If you purchase the single user license, you may only print one copy of the file.
  • If you purchase the studio license, you may print as many copies as you like, as long as it is for use only with your own students.

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Digital Copy: Single User License, Digital Copy: Studio License


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