Emoticon Piano Student Assignment Sheet

This summer, I’ve decided to try out a new way of giving homework. I normally make notes in a regular notebook…which they almost never read! So I’m mixing it up with some of the students I have through the Summer, and using a folder for their assignment pages and theory worksheets.

Emoticon piano assignment sheet

Emoticon piano assignment sheet

This could be just a fun way to do Summer term assignments, or I might continue into September and role it out to all the students. I’ve tried to make this as fun, and clear as possible.

There isn’t that much space in each bubble, because I want to be more careful and concise in the notes I make. This –combined with the fun graphics – I’m hoping will up the open rate for the folders. It’s better to write a few bullet points that they read, than an essay they never do.

ASSIGNMENT-SHEET(Click on the image to download pdf)

The second page of the pdf is for the student to fill in during the week. It includes:

  • Checkboxes for each day of the week they practiced
  • Two questions: What went well? What didn’t go so well?
  • A stave to draw in the most difficult section they worked on

Practice Folder Cover

I also made a cover for the new folder. I printed this on an A4 label which I stuck on the cover, but you could just as easily print it on any paper and stick it to the front with tape or glue. practice-and-theory-comic-folder-cover

(Click on the image to download pdf)

Want more assignment sheet options?

Try this assignment sheet round-up post. There’s tons of fun options to suit all your piano students here.

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