30DSR Day 6: Reach Out and Make a Connection with Another Teacher

Another day, another challenge in the 30 Day Studio Refresh (sign up for the 30DSR emails by clicking here). I hope you’re feeling positive, productive and enjoying this new year kickstart. If you’re not quite feeling the love yet you’re in luck. Day 6 is the social fix.30 DSR Day 6 Reach Out

Make a connection with another teacher

I have to say I’m especially passionate about this particular challenge. Working as a music studio teacher can be isolating. Most of us are self-employed, and even if you’re not you may not have a sense of community in the music studio you work for.

That’s why my challenge to you today is to reach out and make a connection with another teacher. There are many ways this could look.

Coffee Date

  • Get in touch with a teacher you went to college with and have a phone conversation with them about your teaching lives.
  • Call someone in your local teacher’s association (if you have one) and arrange a coffee date.
  • Invite the teacher from the next town/next suburb/down the street over for tea one day.

If you already know teachers in your area this challenge is easy enough. If you have connections to other teachers or know how to reach them, it’s also pretty straight forward.

Don’t worry though, I’ve got another fix for you if you’re in a different situation.

And I think you’re going to love it. 😉

Vibrant Music Teaching members, you can access this resource inside the VMT library. Not a member yet? Find out more about becoming a member here.

Teacher Matchmaker

I’d be more than delighted to play a little teacher matchmaker. No matter how far away you are from other teachers, or how unfriendly, elitist or disinterested teachers in your area are – there’s someone out there like you.

Let’s use this lovely internet to build meaningful relationships with each other and have some real conversations.

Action Steps

  • Reach out yourself or head over to the Vibrant Music Studio Teachers group (or email me here) and let me know you want to be fixed up with another teacher.
  • Organise a date for within the next week so you can really make a connection with another teacher.
  • Your date could be in person, or virtually via Skype, Google Hangout or Facetime.

How often do you meet with other teachers?

Do you feel isolated or alone sometimes? Maybe you already have a regular meet-up with other teachers or business owners?

Share your own experience trying to make a connection with another teacher over in  Vibrant Music Studio Teachers group.

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