30DSR Day 4: Brainstorm Music Studio Extras to Implement This Year

It’s Day 4! Hopefully you’re really getting into the swing of this challenge by now. Yesterday was all about tech so today I’m taking you back to basics. Get out a pencil and paper, and let’s brainstorm some music studio extras for the new year.Music Teaching Studio Extras

Music teaching studio extras brainstorm session

What do I mean by studio extras? Pretty much anything outside of your regular lessons.

If you teach students in the standard format of weekly 30-60 minute lessons one-on-one this might translate to:

  • Supplemental group lessons
  • Student events or workshops
  • Recitals, concert and other performance opportunities
  • Competitions or examinations
  • Practice incentives and challenges
  • Themed months or terms

Why should you consider offering studio extras?

Having fun or interesting extras that you offer in your studio helps you to stand out from other studios in your area. If you are the same as all the rest you’ll probably need to compete on price alone. If can explain why you’re different suddenly it’s a different conversation entirely.

Music studio extras also help to build community and motivate your students to practice and progress. This means your students are more successful, and parents are happier too.

Plus it’s just plain fun.

Get your Brainstorm On

A brainstorm should be a free association session. Nothing is off-limits and no idea is stupid. Try to put aside budget, and other practical considerations and let yourself think big.

Under each heading you should come up with at least a few ideas that might suit your studio.

Group lessons might be weekly theory lessons, student parties once each term, monthly group lessons. You could run a group improvisation class just for your teens. Or a music parents class once a month.

Performance opportunities could be at your local retirement centre. You could have a salon style event at your studio with people milling about as students play. Maybe a party in the park during the summer months with the audience on picnic blankets.

Not every theme will suit you completely but I encourage you to try to come up with something for each. You might be surprised what comes out of your pen if you let your mind wander.

Action Steps

  • Download the Studio Extras Brainstorm pdf, or go freestyle and get a nice big blank sheet of paper.
  • Put aside a little time and brainstorm all the things you could try adding to your studio.
  • Don’t judge your ideas or censor yourself. Don’t think about the logistics or practicalities of each idea. Write down every idea that comes to mind.
  • Share what you came up with in the Vibrant Music Studio Teachers group.

Stuck for music studio extras ideas?

Head over to the Vibrant Music Studio Teachers group and get inspired by other teachers’ ideas for studio extras. Share your own ideas too so we can all help each other grow and improve as teachers and business owners. 😀

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