30DSR Day 30: Review & Rank your Business, Life and Teaching Goals

You’ve made it! You’re here! It’s day 30 of the 30 Day Studio Refresh. If you missed any of the days along the way, you can find the full list of daily challenges here.

Your last challenge is to revisit those teaching goals you set yesterday and prioritise them.

30DSR Day 30 Rank your teaching goals

Review and prioritise your life, business and teaching goals.

By putting things in order of importance and giving certain goals precedence you can quiet that whirring mind of your’s.

Don’t have a whirring mind? You’ll still get more done if you’re more organised about your objectives.

It’s wonderful to have business, life and teaching goals. I really believe knowing what we want to achieve and where we want to go can help us get there. Hopefully yesterday you successfully cut this down to about 5 key objectives.

Limiting yourself to about five targets gives you a much higher chance of hitting them all. I think we can go even further than that though.

Which is your most important teaching goal? Which one comes second? Third?

one way key objective

Ranking your studio and general teaching goals can give you even greater clarity.

How you rank them is up to your specific situation. If you need to increase your income asap, then perhaps establishing that group class is the number one priority. If you’re feeling overwhelmed then maybe instituting and systemising office hours takes precedence.

Take the time to rank your studio goals today and you’ll be that much closer to achieving the things that are most important to you.

Action Steps

  • Review the finalised life, business and teaching goals you came up with on Day 29.
  • Make sure you’re happy with your goals and reassess that they meet the SMART criteria.
  • Prioritise based on what’s most important for you and your business. Depending on your goals and situation the key goals could be the one that will make the most money, give you a better work-life balance or make you a more effective teacher.
  • If you’re using the Studio Goal Setting pdf write a number in each star on the final page.
  • Prioritise any sub-goals by the logical order they should come in to achieve your main goals.

What was your number one business or teaching goal?

Maybe a personal goal came out on top for you? Or a pedagogy one? Or a financial goal?

Share your number one goal in the Vibrant Music Teaching Studio Facebook group and celebrate how far we’ve come in the 30 Day Studio Refresh. It’s been a lot of work but I’ve had a blast, I hope you have too!

Vibrant Music Teaching members, you can access this resource inside the VMT library. Not a member yet? Find out more about becoming a member here.

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