30DSR Day 26: Create a Music Teaching Studio Year Planner

Making a studio year planner will not only make you more efficient this year, but for years to come. Set this studio year planner up today and you can keep modifying, updating and improving it as your business evolves.

30DSR Day 26 Plan your music studio year

Create a plan for a year in your music teaching studio

There’s a lot of keeping track to do in a music teaching studio business. You’ve got to look after yourself, your finances, individual student needs, studio events and…just…everything. It’s no wonder if occasionally, just maybe, something doesn’t get done when it should be done.

Enter the Studio Year Planner

The studio year planner we’re going to create today allows you to see all the stuff that needs to get done from a bird’s eye view. It will remind you to look at the big picture for those times when you get stuck in the day to day and the details.

Create broad categories that encompass your to-do lists. Try to keep the categories down to four or five.Ā The fewer the number of categories the less overwhelm we feel. (Human minds are wonderfully strange things aren’t they?)

Here’s an example from the sample year planner that you can download below:

music teaching studio year planner

You’ll see the categories here are Events, Marketing, Paperwork and Communications. Those might not be the right ones in your studio but for many these broad terms might work well.

Once you have this studio year planner set-up it’s easy to revisit, revise and refer to it as the year goes on. Never again will you ask yourself what it was that was coming up in February, and end up in a rabbit hole of email searches to figure it out. šŸ™‚

Action Steps

  • Make a copy of the Studio Year Planner Sample in google sheets, or create your own in your favourite software.
  • Edit the categories to suit your particular studio.
  • Add in events and concrete deadlines.
  • Think about what else you might want to include such as newsletters, email updates, themes and incentives.
  • From now on revisit this once a month so that it matches what you do this year.
  • Next year use thisĀ studio year planner as a template and restart the process.

What’s going to go on your planner?

Do you like the idea of having one big sheet with an overview of the whole year? Do you think it will help you to declutter your mind?

Tell us your thoughts and how you go with today’s task in theĀ Vibrant Music Studio Teachers groupĀ on Facebook or the comments below.

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