30DSR Day 11: Carve Out Time for a Big Picture Studio Brainstorm

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Did you fall in love all over again with your piece sweetheart? Hang on to that enthusiasm and positivity as we get back into the business end a little bit. It’s big picture studio brainstorm time.

30 Day Studio Refresh Day 11 Big Picture Brainstorm

Big picture planning time for music studio teachers

Or maybe not quite yet. Not everyone’s schedules are going to allow a big chunk of time to be spent with your head in the dreamy businessy clouds.


You don’t have to do this right now, but you do have to plan for it right now.

Whatever way you like to schedule things (sticky notes, google calendar, iPad app, notebook, cat themed calendar) find a time when you can dream a little. Maybe this will be before your kids get up in the morning, when your partner is at squash on Sunday, or in the gap you have between students on Monday afternoons. Whenever it is make sure it’s a time you can stick to.

What’s a Big Picture Studio Brainstorm?

This is my name for no wrong answers, no restrictions, idea generation for where you want your studio to go and what you want it to be.

As a private music teacher it can be easy to get caught up in the day to day. Susie didn’t practice this week, Alice’s parents haven’t paid this month, and Amy still needs to select another piece for that recital.


While this stuff is important we can’t forget the big picture either. If you’re self-employed (and really even if you’re not) only you care about and are responsible for where you’re going. You’re driving the train – but you’re also the one laying the tracks. Where it goes is up it up to you.

Action Steps

  • Schedule your big picture planning session.
  • When the time comes download the Big Picture Studio Brainstorm pdf or grab your favourite notebook.
  • Grab a coffee or tea and get to work thinking about your studio’s future.
  • Don’t censor yourself just write what comes to mind and let yourself dream.

When are you going to fit in your Big Picture Studio Brainstorm?

Let us know when you’re scheduling the brainstorm in the the Vibrant Music Studio Teachers group on Facebook or in the comments below. Telling someone else can help you feel accountable, and makes you more likely to follow through.

And you do want to follow through don’t you? It’s for your studio’s future after all. 🙂

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